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The Willi Ellenberger Memorial 2019 - the 19th rapid tournament of Nied - saw the hosts in good, even brilliant form. At the close, the surprise winner of the tournament was neither IM Muhamed Borić nor one of the FM Patrick Burkhart, Gerd Euler, Oliver Uwira and Reinhard Zunker, but Nied's blitz crack Patrick Chandler. After 9 rounds he stood at 7½ to 1½ points, leading the field by half a point and thus claiming first place. Congratulations!

Up until the fininishing line Patrick Chandler had to fend off tough competition from Hofheim as well as from his own camp. He was eventually followed onto the podium by IM Muhamed Borić und FM Patrick Burkhart of Hofheim with 7 to 2 points each. The following ranks were taken by Gerd Graf (König Nied), Mario Rutsatz (Sfr. Frankfurt) and Timo Wiewesiek (SF Darmstadt) on 6½ to 2½ points as well as Gerd Euler (SSG Hungen-Lich), Omri Schlesinger (Sfr. Frankfurt), Stephan Wendel (SC Brett vorm Kopp), Uwe Wend (SV Frankfurt Nord) and Walter Gräbner (König Nied) on 6 to 3 points.

The rating prizes were won by Mario Rutsatz (Sfr Frankfurt, DWZ 1999 - 1750), Sven Schellen (DWZ 1749 -1500) and Raphael Policarpo (SC Heusenstamm, DWZ 1499 - 1). Further special prizes were awarded to Daniel Elias Ochs (SV Wiesbaden, best junior) and Walter Gräbner (König Nied, best senior). The special prize for the best female player was not awarded due to a too small number of female participants.

As already the year before, the prize for the best club team of four players was taken by the home team. Nied's foursome of Patrick Chandler (7½), Gerd Graf (6½), Walter Gräbner (6) and Oliver Uwira (5½) came in first after a head-to-head finish, beating SV Hofheim represented by Muhamed Borić (7), Patrick Burkhart (7), Reinhard Zunker (5½) and Helmut Kaulfuss (5) to runner-ups. At the close, Nied had reached 25 points, leading Hofheim by half a point.

The organization in the hands of the hosts, who were quite pleased about the number of 55 participants, worked well except for the traditional delay before the start of the first round. Apart from this, the freshly designated Regional Arbiters Daniel Prenzler and Oliver Uwira did not expericience major difficulties with a fair-playing field. Also, the well-being of the guests was cared for by the diligent helpers in the kitchen and at the bar.

The club hopes to welcome their guests again next year for the 20th, and therefore the anniversary edition of the Willi Ellenberger Memorial.

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