Even though the first team had been eliminated in the semi-final of the Hessian, Nied was offered to participate in the German Team Cup, moving up after the withdrawal of SC Heusenstamm. The draw led Nied into the Vestian Oer-Erkenschwick, where the first double-round of the teams SC 1961 König Nied, SV Lingen, SV Erkenschwick and SC Heimbach-Weis was to be held. In the first round Nied met the Bundesliga team SV Lingen, who fielded half of the Serbian national team, supported by two talented Serbian juniors. After a 1.5-2.5 defeat, the first team was eliminated as expected, but had managed to put in a respectable performance.

SV Lingen are currently in 3rd place of the Bundesliga and obviously could have fielded a squad that would have left Nied not even a snowball's chance in hell of advancing. As is usual for encounters between an amateur team and a team competing at the professional level, though, the Bundesliga team made some concessions with regard to their line-up. Two grandmasters took the first and second board - the Serbian top players Milos Perunović and Ivan Ivanisević - while at boards 3 and 4 two talented Serbian youths were given the chance to compete.

SC 1961 König Nied vs. SV LingenBefore the match (left to right): Gerd Graf, Oliver Uwira, Daniel Prenzler, Hendrik Zimmermann

This provided Nied with a small chance of actually advancing to the next round. For this to happen, it was necessary to snatch a draw from one of the grandmaster while winning the games at the 3rd and 4th boards. Even though such a scenario eventually did not come to pass, it was definitely within the realm of possibility.

Hendrik and Daniel emerged from the opening with playable games. Of those, Hendrik was playing black in a Najdorf Sicilian and clearly was having to solve tougher problems than Daniel, who found himself playing White in a quiet English middlegame, where his chances of securing a draw were tangible. Oliver meanwhile contributed his share by using his greater experience in battling the Grünfeld and scoring a convincing win. Unfortunately, Gerd was not able to follow suit at board 4. His opponent, playing white, initiated central mass exchanges in the middlegame, forcing Gerd to seek a draw after initially having had a promising game.

Now, in order to advance it was necessary to score a full point at the top boards. The hope that this full point could consist of two draws was squashed when Hendrik's opponent sacrificed an exchange to catch Hendrik's king in a cross fire and followed through with his attack. Daniel, who still had a reasonable position and shouldn't have had any problems in making a draw, was now forced to attempt and win his game. In the process, however, he was outplayed by his opponent and lost as well.

This meant that the adventure of Nied playing in the German Cup ended again - for the fourth time -  in the first round.

German Team Cup - Round 1 - 11.01.2020 Result
  SC 1961 König Nied - SV Lingen 1.5 : 2.5
Board Name No. DWZ ELO   Name No. DWZ ELO  
1 Hendrik Zimmermann 1 2254 2221 - Milos Perunović 4 2588 2587 0.0 : 1.0
2 Daniel Prenzler 2 2140 2160 - Ivan Ivanisević 3 2591 2594 0.0 : 1.0
3 Oliver Uwira 3 2157 2161 - Dimitrije Stanković 11 2115 1948 1.0 : 0.0
4 Gerd Graf 4 2225 2237 - Jovana Miljković 12 2048 2034 0.5 : 0.5