In the wake of the coronavirus epidemic in Germany, the operations of our club as well as the leagues of the chess associations are subject to restrictions:

Saalbau Nied will remain closed until at least April 19th 2020. The Friday club night therefore is not going to take place until after the restrictions have been lifted. The following club tournaments therefore cannot be held as scheduled:

  • The 7th round of the club championship had originally been scheduled for March 13th and 20th 2020. This round is suspended until further notice. As soon as the further development of the epidemic situation has become clearer, the board will take a decision about the continuation of the tournament.

  • The round of the Grand Prix series scheduled for March 27th 2020 as well as the Monthly Blitz scheduled for April 6th 2020 are cancelled. The board will take a decision about a potential re-scheduling as soon as the further development of the epidemic situation has become clearer.

The chess associations have made changes to their schedules as well:

  • The 8th round of March 22nd 2020 has been re-scheduled to May 17th 2020 for the time being. This applies to leagues of both the Hessian Chess Association (Nied 1) and the Main-Taunus Chess Association (Nied 2 and 3).
  • The 9th round as of now remains scheduled for April 26th 2020. The Hessian Chess Association has already re-scheduled this round to May 16th 2020, should the situation not allow for matches to be played on April 26th 2020. The Main-Taunus Chess Association has not yet announced a re-scheduling for this scenario.

  • In addition, the Chess District Frankfurt has announced that the Frankfurt City Championship, originally scheduled to start at the end of April, is cancelled and will not be held for the year 2020.

In order to not let our club life grind to a complete standstill, we have created a virtual club venue at, which can be found under: SC 1961 König Nied on

We wish all our members and friends to stay in good health and look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks.